Cleaning Solutions by Carl Mollier FR

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Welcome to Carl Mollier, an expert provider of cleaning cloths and other care and cleaning products for spectacles, optical lenses, precious metals and jewellery.

We offer a wide range of specially treated cloths made from 100% cotton or micro fabric. Our products are ideal for cleaning, polishing and caring for gold, white gold, silver, platinum and pearls. We also stock a wide array of cleaning cloths for eyeglasses, as well as cloths designed for the care of optical instruments. Our non-scratch Kanebo micro fabric cloths are guaranteed to safely clean even the most sensitive surfaces.

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Silver and Jewelry

Browse our range of cleaning solutions for silver and jewellery

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Antibacterial micro fabric

Enduring protection from germs, fungi and other microbes thanks to nano-silver.

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Optical care

Discover our wide range of optical care cloths.

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Discover our wide range of care and cleaning gloves

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Compact Disc and Records

Our selection of cleaning cloths for CDs and records