Welcome to Carl Mollier, an expert provider of cleaning cloths and other care and cleaning products for spectacles, optical lenses, precious metals and jewellery

We offer a wide range of specially treated cloths made from 100% cotton or micro fabric. Our products are ideal for cleaning, polishing and caring for gold, white gold, silver, platinum and pearls. We also stock a wide array of cleaning cloths for eyeglasses, as well as cloths designed for the care of optical instruments. Our non-scratch Kanebo micro fabric cloths are guaranteed to safely clean even the most sensitive surfaces.

Looking back on more than 80 years of company history, we have made our name as innovative manufacturers of care and cleaning products, catering to the jewellery industry and jewellery companies as well as consumers. Our experience allows us to offer a broad range of products which are widely used throughout the jewellery industry and countless other industrial sectors: cleaning cloths for eyeglasses, cloths used for advertising purposes, anti static cloths and micro fabric cloths, to name but a few.

As a new addition to our product range we offer multifunctional micro fabric cloths for industry and domestic use. These cloths are designed for professional use where high demand is placed on product quality. We always have about one million cloths in stock.

The wide variety of cleaning cloths for eyeglasses we offer is a particular specialty of our company. To gently care for your glasses, we are happy to recommend spectacle cleaning cloths made from the finest Chamois leather, which are available in different sizes. Our special polishing cloths made from finely warp knitted jersey are also perfectly suited for all optical glasses.
As a matter of course we can print your individual advertising message on your chosen cleaning cloths for eyeglasses. Just let us know your ideas and let us take care of the rest. 

In addition to spectacle cleaning cloths we also offer a wide range of silver and jewellery care products. Our silver care cloths can help to solve an all-too-familiar issue with silver cutlery or other silver items: over time, dark spots form and the silver becomes dull and tarnished. To prevent this, silver needs cleaning and polishing. Our Exquisit silver care cloth is equipped with optimised tarnish protection: not only does it give your silver a mirror finish, it also prevents silver from tarnishing anew for a long time after cleaning. Whether it be the cleaning of silver jewellery or the polishing of silver cutlery, we offer the optimum product.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we place great emphasis on offering you top quality at low prices. Our decades of experience and our staff expertise make us a reliable partner when it comes to spectacle cleaning cloths and other care and cleaning cloths. Our large and loyal customer base worldwide is clear evidence of this.

By the way: we now also offer digital print on inlay cards: we package our high quality care and spectacle cleaning cloths with your individual inlay card. On your behalf, we see about the necessary layout adaptations and take care of the printing process - all exactly to your individual specifications. 


Available now: Digital print on inlay cards

Digital print on inlay cardsOur high-quality cloths packaged with your individual inlay card. We take care of adaptation and printing - exactly according to your ideas.

More information about inlay card printing