Management Manifesto regarding our Quality Policy

Our customers expect us to reliably supply them with care- and polishing products from our product line in constant high quality, and expect our products to meet the demands of both professional and private users.

Our company's continuity and sustained success depends on our ability to fully meet these demands now and in the future - and that at competitive costs.

Our thoughts and actions as well as our collaboration and our technical infrastructure have to be consequently aimed towards that goal - in all areas and on all levels.

This means primarily that

  • we conduct our work assiduously and are committed to quality.
  • we all constantly work on improving what we do.
  • we avoid mistakes by investigating and eliminating their causes.
  • we identify and abolish wastefulness and superfluous expenses.

The individual efforts of every single person, good collaboration and open and respectful behaviour towards each other are crucial for reaching our goals.

The company management hereby declares the binding character of these principles for all company areas.

Burscheid, November 2009

Fritz-Günther Nicolosi
Company Management